iCloud is NOT Secure… STOP Believing this LIE! Apple

Apple have for a very long time been lying to the world about how they encrypt your data. Apple claims only you have access to your encrypted data but this has NEVER been true. Apple openly release your encrypted data along with your encryption key when requested.

#Cyber #Security Online: Our new Frontline of Defence

After reading a few articles I came across some interesting data freely available in cyberspace. It came to my attention that the public perception of cyber security is somewhat skewed. The larger companies are not disclosing their most serious security breaches. We all know that many people tend to shop online. This is because of… Continue reading #Cyber #Security Online: Our new Frontline of Defence

The Tor Network: The Eyes Hidden Within #technology #security #privacy

You might think: Why on earth are you writing about this subject? Given my extensive background in Information Technology, and my keen interest in privacy and security, I would like to share my thoughts on the matter in order to highlight a misconception (in my opinion) within the general public eye. I say this with… Continue reading The Tor Network: The Eyes Hidden Within #technology #security #privacy