Attraction: to certain individuals? #psychology

I often wonder why we are attracted to others around us and for what potential reasons attraction takes place.  I find there are many different aspects that could be considered. Within this essay I will try highlight what I feel are important factors.  I will begin by looking at the need to belong within society,… Continue reading Attraction: to certain individuals? #psychology

Parenting Style: The Naughty Step #psychology #familylife #parenting

I think most parents will understand the Naughty Step technique (Parenting Style) and I know I have certainly used it with my two girls. I found it interesting when reading the research and watching clips from a series called ‘Supernanny’ and I wanted to share some of the things I had learnt. So within this… Continue reading Parenting Style: The Naughty Step #psychology #familylife #parenting

Six Stages of Motivation: An interrelated cycle? #psychology #selfhelp

Do you find it interesting how we can settle down to read a book and then our brain fires into action and starts delving deeper until we find ourselves engulfed by those topical words (Motivation)? I had this feeling from reading a rather short book about making psychology simple to understand. The book is called:… Continue reading Six Stages of Motivation: An interrelated cycle? #psychology #selfhelp

The Revision Movement #psychology #edchat #ukedchat

Have you ever struggled to remember all the material required to pass an exam; either multiple choice or blind essay questions? I certainly have experienced this. I remember in my first year of my undergraduate degree at Preston University (Psychology) having a bunch of exams on mandatory topics I really did not find all that… Continue reading The Revision Movement #psychology #edchat #ukedchat