Daddy Shift: Equal Rights

Today’s men have become the next generation of fathers (Daddy Shift) and now our modern-day father takes many different forms and roles (American Psychological Association, 2013). No longer are fathers being ‘relegated to a role of disciplinarian’, they are now enjoying a more involved, hands-on ‘nurturing role’ (Wilson, 2002). This brief essay aims to examine… Continue reading Daddy Shift: Equal Rights

Parenting Style: The Naughty Step #psychology #familylife #parenting

I think most parents will understand the Naughty Step technique (Parenting Style) and I know I have certainly used it with my two girls. I found it interesting when reading the research and watching clips from a series called ‘Supernanny’ and I wanted to share some of the things I had learnt. So within this… Continue reading Parenting Style: The Naughty Step #psychology #familylife #parenting

A Wise Investment: The reason I don’t work weekends.

It never started off like I have it now… Working long hours, unsocial hours, arriving back late, missing evening dinner, missing the school runs, working weekends… and to what end? What about when we are not at work… school runs, after school activities, homework, making evening dinner, eating quickly making sure we have enough time… Continue reading A Wise Investment: The reason I don’t work weekends.