Feedback: Educational Environment #UKEdchat #Edchat

While working at a higher educational institution based in Lancashire I got involved in teaching mathematics to a group of adults (N = 45) with an age range of 18 to 50. These students required GCSE Mathematics in order to progress within their chosen careers. I became aware that other tutors were not providing as… Continue reading Feedback: Educational Environment #UKEdchat #Edchat

Facebook: Why I do not socialise on it #technology

I don’t remember ever attempting to join in with my peers at the time Facebook was released to the general public way back in 2006 (Facebook, 2006). I do however remember my limited number of friends telling me all about this great new network that allowed them to communicate with long-lost friends and relatives. I… Continue reading Facebook: Why I do not socialise on it #technology

The Revision Movement #psychology #edchat #ukedchat

Have you ever struggled to remember all the material required to pass an exam; either multiple choice or blind essay questions? I certainly have experienced this. I remember in my first year of my undergraduate degree at Preston University (Psychology) having a bunch of exams on mandatory topics I really did not find all that… Continue reading The Revision Movement #psychology #edchat #ukedchat