School Closures Debate #edchat #UKEdchat

There has been some very recent (June 2016) heat surrounding the Euro 2016 football games and decisions to either allow school closures or stream the matches live during school time.  I for one have two children who were both effected by this idea of closures.  I want to highlight my thoughts on the football school… Continue reading School Closures Debate #edchat #UKEdchat

Attraction: to certain individuals? #psychology

I often wonder why we are attracted to others around us and for what potential reasons attraction takes place.  I find there are many different aspects that could be considered. Within this essay I will try highlight what I feel are important factors.  I will begin by looking at the need to belong within society,… Continue reading Attraction: to certain individuals? #psychology

#Cyber #Security Online: Our new Frontline of Defence

After reading a few articles I came across some interesting data freely available in cyberspace. It came to my attention that the public perception of cyber security is somewhat skewed. The larger companies are not disclosing their most serious security breaches. We all know that many people tend to shop online. This is because of… Continue reading #Cyber #Security Online: Our new Frontline of Defence

Daddy Shift: Equal Rights

Today’s men have become the next generation of fathers (Daddy Shift) and now our modern-day father takes many different forms and roles (American Psychological Association, 2013). No longer are fathers being ‘relegated to a role of disciplinarian’, they are now enjoying a more involved, hands-on ‘nurturing role’ (Wilson, 2002). This brief essay aims to examine… Continue reading Daddy Shift: Equal Rights

Parenting Style: The Naughty Step #psychology #familylife #parenting

I think most parents will understand the Naughty Step technique (Parenting Style) and I know I have certainly used it with my two girls. I found it interesting when reading the research and watching clips from a series called ‘Supernanny’ and I wanted to share some of the things I had learnt. So within this… Continue reading Parenting Style: The Naughty Step #psychology #familylife #parenting

Six Stages of Motivation: An interrelated cycle? #psychology #selfhelp

Do you find it interesting how we can settle down to read a book and then our brain fires into action and starts delving deeper until we find ourselves engulfed by those topical words (Motivation)? I had this feeling from reading a rather short book about making psychology simple to understand. The book is called:… Continue reading Six Stages of Motivation: An interrelated cycle? #psychology #selfhelp

GCSE Mathematics: Mature student’s barrier to thinking! #UKEdchat

I find myself reflecting upon my experiences teaching GCSE Mathematics to mature students at an FE college since the year of 2012. Many of these students are returning to study to develop a career for themselves and gain a more positive future both independently, and financially. Many have left school with few qualifications and GCSE… Continue reading GCSE Mathematics: Mature student’s barrier to thinking! #UKEdchat

A Wise Investment: The reason I don’t work weekends.

It never started off like I have it now… Working long hours, unsocial hours, arriving back late, missing evening dinner, missing the school runs, working weekends… and to what end? What about when we are not at work… school runs, after school activities, homework, making evening dinner, eating quickly making sure we have enough time… Continue reading A Wise Investment: The reason I don’t work weekends.

The Tor Network: The Eyes Hidden Within #technology #security #privacy

You might think: Why on earth are you writing about this subject? Given my extensive background in Information Technology, and my keen interest in privacy and security, I would like to share my thoughts on the matter in order to highlight a misconception (in my opinion) within the general public eye. I say this with… Continue reading The Tor Network: The Eyes Hidden Within #technology #security #privacy

Feedback: Educational Environment #UKEdchat #Edchat

While working at a higher educational institution based in Lancashire I got involved in teaching mathematics to a group of adults (N = 45) with an age range of 18 to 50. These students required GCSE Mathematics in order to progress within their chosen careers. I became aware that other tutors were not providing as… Continue reading Feedback: Educational Environment #UKEdchat #Edchat