Drop Dead Simple: Liberation or Captivity #UKEdChat

The topic covered here within this essay is far from being ‘Drop Dead Simple‘. I am currently reading a well written book by an author called Cal Newport. The title of this insightful book is called ‘Deep Work’. The book centers around the reader developing an ability to recognise what is and how to perform… Continue reading Drop Dead Simple: Liberation or Captivity #UKEdChat

False Processing: Theft Technique Point Of Sale #Fraud

I have been reading up on Point of Sale (POS) Fraud recently. The reason for this was because I recently experienced some disturbing events at different shopping locations. It got me thinking about how employees are able to steal either cash or products from the organisations they work for. This short essay will look at… Continue reading False Processing: Theft Technique Point Of Sale #Fraud

Attraction: to certain individuals? #psychology

I often wonder why we are attracted to others around us and for what potential reasons attraction takes place.  I find there are many different aspects that could be considered. Within this essay I will try highlight what I feel are important factors.  I will begin by looking at the need to belong within society,… Continue reading Attraction: to certain individuals? #psychology

Parenting Style: The Naughty Step #psychology #familylife #parenting

I think most parents will understand the Naughty Step technique (Parenting Style) and I know I have certainly used it with my two girls. I found it interesting when reading the research and watching clips from a series called ‘Supernanny’ and I wanted to share some of the things I had learnt. So within this… Continue reading Parenting Style: The Naughty Step #psychology #familylife #parenting

Six Stages of Motivation: An interrelated cycle? #psychology #selfhelp

Do you find it interesting how we can settle down to read a book and then our brain fires into action and starts delving deeper until we find ourselves engulfed by those topical words (Motivation)? I had this feeling from reading a rather short book about making psychology simple to understand. The book is called:… Continue reading Six Stages of Motivation: An interrelated cycle? #psychology #selfhelp

The Revision Movement #psychology #edchat #ukedchat

Have you ever struggled to remember all the material required to pass an exam; either multiple choice or blind essay questions? I certainly have experienced this. I remember in my first year of my undergraduate degree at Preston University (Psychology) having a bunch of exams on mandatory topics I really did not find all that… Continue reading The Revision Movement #psychology #edchat #ukedchat