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About ThinkOgram


This website was founded in 2016 as a way to contribute thoughts to the wider information framework. This personal blog is used as a portal to create a profound cognitive movement. A way in which to add a different viewpoint and share experiences. Here is how the editor summarises this website:

With an adventurous desire to change; this blogosphere aims to evolve discussions by penetrating deeply into thought or knowledge, an attempt to stimulate or translate cognitive points in question…

The goal of ThinkOgram is to: contribute substance to a chosen subject matter. Sharing an opinion to create a different viewpoint so others can comment, reflect, and discuss further depths of the topics raised.

The plan of action forĀ ThinkOgram is to: Communicate on a regular basis around subjects with a push of a pencil, and the thump of a keyboard. The main topics of discussion will be psychology, education, technology, and family life. However, additional topics are subject to debate and will be reflected throughout this blogosphere. The breadth to which this site could reach should be limited to a certain extent. However, as one person grows so should their interests and over time more categories will be supported.

ThinkOgram would like to promote discussions via the comments and welcomes opinions of others who may or may not share the author’s views. The comment threads are monitored by the author and responses should be expected within a timely manner. However, this site is run by one person and as such, responses may not be instant.

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Meet the Editor

The Editor was born in April 1982 before the internet boom to which he is grateful. He has enjoyed watching the internet develop and transform into what he sees as an essential part of a modern industrialised society. Previously, the Editor ran a personal blog at his personal domain but decided he needed a fresh approach to blogging. He recognised he was merely replicating the vast amount of data that exists on the web and did not feel as though he was contributing anything of value. This is why he decided to create ThinkOgram which follows a more simplistic approach to both content and design. There will be no fancy dancies here, just simplistic blogging at its best. The concentration here is about content that has something to offer the reader in terms of different perspectives, opinions, or experiences.

His past involves a varied career path ranging from Joinery through to Information Technology. He has also accumulated a number of years providing professional music tuition carried out privately from his own residence. He plays a number of instruments but his main love is the guitar; both electric and acoustic. He enjoys teaching the instrument but also puts his hand to creating his own compositions. (If you’re lucky, he may share some of his creations on this site).

University of Central Lancashire - Burnley Campus

Uclan – Burnley Campus

He has experience of teaching mathematics at a university campus in the Burnley area (Uclan). He remembers when he was a young little snapper getting his cousins to complete maths questions in his bedroom and then pretending to be a teacher and mark them. However, he admits he was never a wiz with the numbers until he actually left school. He felt he was never pushed on the importance of mathematics until he experienced first hand during working life how important it actually was. However, he has always enjoyed maths and is inspired by those who are fluent in the verse of number crunching.

Psychology Symbol


He has had a varied education seeing him return to study way back in 2009/10. A career change was in order in terms of another subject under his belt. After initially studying psychology, sociology, education, and law he decided to go all the way by studying for a B.Sc Psychology Undergraduate Degree at Preston University (Uclan). An interest in how people think, interact, and better themselves has always been within him. He has read may books on the subject of Self-Help and completed a number of programs that if anything, are designed to get you to change the way you think about yourself, or the world around you. He currently owns over 100 books on varied psychological topics and his collection is forever expanding (He actually owns hundreds of books on many different topics).

He also is a family man. He enjoys spending time with his two beautiful girls. A rule he follows with the upmost importance is this:

One must never work when one is spending time with family…

This has been a principle of his for many years. He enjoys engaging with his two girls and tries his best to promote a balanced lifestyle with an obvious slant towards his own morals and ethics. He is very proud of his two daughters and has every confidence in their abilities to achieve great things. However, within this blogosphere you will clearly see and hopefully understand some of the concerns he has about the way in which our modern society is shaping itself. He is hoping to spark a healthy discussion on the varied topics available on this website.

The future for him is not set in stone and one of the most important things to understand about life is that one must be adaptable and not recentful of change. Life is all about your journey and sometimes having to take a leap of faith. One must recognise the fear of change but do it anyway.

One must be adaptable and not recentful of change… One must recognise the fear of change but do it anyway… Life is all about your journey…

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