Terms & Cons: Protection for Who? FaceApp!

We all know about those dreaded terms and conditions… they are lengthy, complicated central thesis requiring a Phd in Law to comprehend. We constantly agree to be bound by terms without realising it. The question is… whom do the terms and conditions provide protection for; you whom owns your data, or the organisation whom wants your data? FaceApp has hit the media with a storm recently and not because it’s virtually making the world population much older. Read on to see if the terms truly protect you, the user or the organisation.

OneDrive: Busting the Backups & Restore Myth

OneDrive is a popular service for providing both personal and business cloud storage availability. However, do you really know if your data is safe from being deleted? Does OneDrive truly provide a full back-up service? Does OneDrive truly have a restore feature for your data? Read on to find out how I lost over 70… Continue reading OneDrive: Busting the Backups & Restore Myth