A Wise Investment: The reason I don’t work weekends.

It never started off like I have it now… Working long hours, unsocial hours, arriving back late, missing evening dinner, missing the school runs, working weekends… and to what end? What about when we are not at work… school runs, after school activities, homework, making evening dinner, eating quickly making sure we have enough time… Continue reading A Wise Investment: The reason I don’t work weekends.

The Tor Network: The Eyes Hidden Within #technology #security #privacy

You might think: Why on earth are you writing about this subject? Given my extensive background in Information Technology, and my keen interest in privacy and security, I would like to share my thoughts on the matter in order to highlight a misconception (in my opinion) within the general public eye. I say this with… Continue reading The Tor Network: The Eyes Hidden Within #technology #security #privacy

Feedback: Educational Environment #UKEdchat #Edchat

While working at a higher educational institution based in Lancashire I got involved in teaching mathematics to a group of adults (N = 45) with an age range of 18 to 50. These students required GCSE Mathematics in order to progress within their chosen careers. I became aware that other tutors were not providing as… Continue reading Feedback: Educational Environment #UKEdchat #Edchat

Facebook: Why I do not socialise on it #technology

I don’t remember ever attempting to join in with my peers at the time Facebook was released to the general public way back in 2006 (Facebook, 2006). I do however remember my limited number of friends telling me all about this great new network that allowed them to communicate with long-lost friends and relatives. I… Continue reading Facebook: Why I do not socialise on it #technology

The Revision Movement #psychology #edchat #ukedchat

Have you ever struggled to remember all the material required to pass an exam; either multiple choice or blind essay questions? I certainly have experienced this. I remember in my first year of my undergraduate degree at Preston University (Psychology) having a bunch of exams on mandatory topics I really did not find all that… Continue reading The Revision Movement #psychology #edchat #ukedchat